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Providing quality residential and commercial appraisal services to Oklahoma City and surrounding areas since 1982.

Order Appraisal Alden Appraisals LLC is a full service real estate appraisal company in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. We provide quality appraisals on residential, commercial / industrial and special purpose real properties in central Oklahoma. We appraise everything from investment homes, to office and retail buildings, churches, to horse ranches, and FHA first homes.
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Our staff at the 2007 annual holiday banquet for the National Association for Independent Fee Appraisers (NAIFA). Pictured from left to right are Mike Cordell, Glinda Cordell, and Jim Pratt.
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We have a long history, beginning as Pratt Appraisals in 1982, then changing our name to Alden Appraisals LLC in 2003 as part of a transition to providing more residential work, and allowing for training new associates.

Our Chief Appraiser is Jim Pratt, IFAS. For many years Jim specialized in commercial, eminent domain, and legal appraisals. Our staff also includes Mike Cordell, and Glinda Cordell. Please see our staff profiles page for a little introduction to us on a more individual basis.

Alden Appraisals can provide a real solution for all your appraisal needs in Oklahoma City and the central Oklahoma counties. We promise hard work, an ethical approach, resulting in an appraisal product you can count on. If we can help you, please go to our Order Appraisal page.

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